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Website Maintenance

The management and maintenance of a site is as important as the original production. Web sites evolve, whether it's in style, content, purpose, or functionality. As a site establishes itself, unforeseen changes are made within the site so that it may better serve its purpose. This is done through the use of web statistic management, a system in which different areas, specific pages and/or functions of a site are monitored and if needed, changed to increase efficiency, and productivity.

Business web sites should not only welcome new visitors to browse the site, but also entice users to re-visit the site, in search of new or updated information. To accomplish this, web sites must have periodical changes made in both content and graphic design.

Based on years of experience, the design and functionality of a web site, generally does not last more than 12 to 18 months, simply because technology and the look of the internet as a whole, is so dynamic. This creates a scenario in which web sites have the need to constantly be re-designed and/or re-written, or fall to the wins of antiquation. Our yearly web site over-haul service is always included in the maintenance program for our clients.

Our clients often come to us with a vision of what they wish to build. As designers, programmers, researchers and storytellers, we bring functional form to your visions.