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Mobile Application

Barodaweb is a well-known android apps development company in India, mainly focuses on customized solutions that meet clients’ expectations. We have got extensive experience and expertise in android development which makes us an obvious choice for your mobile app development.

Our skilled Android apps developers keep themselves updated about all the latest developments or upgrades in the Android SDK. This enables us to offer productive applications that suit our client’s requirements.

So, what exactly are these mobile applications?

Mobile Applications are compact software programs that perform a predefined function and are designed to work on handheld devices such as SmartPhones, tablets and feature phones. But all mobile applications are not the same.

Mobile applications can be broadly classified into two different types based on the mobile development technology employed to create them. These are native mobile applications and web mobile applications. Both types can help achieve similar results or perform similar functions but are inherently different in development. Let us understand a bit more about native mobile applications and web-based mobile applications.

Native Mobile Applications

Native mobile applications are the ones that run directly from your handheld device i.e. your feature phone, SmartPhone, or tablet. These are mobile OS/platform based applications, which can be downloaded from the relevant mobile store and thereafter installed on the device. Examples would be the android apps or the iOS apps/iPhone apps. End-users will go the respective mobile app store and then download and install the preferred ones from a whole list of native applications.

Web-based Mobile Applications

Web mobile applications are software programs that run directly from the web browser on mobile phones and tablets. These web-based mobile apps do not get installed on your handheld mobile device and are run on web-hosted servers. These web-based mobile applications can be developed on a single platform as they are not limited by the operating systems of your device.

Why Mobile Applications are Important for your Business?

1. Be with your audience: As more and more people have started spending more time on the Smart phone, it is very important for business to reach where the people are and having mobile apps gives you an edge before others.

2. Search: Like Google search, people have tendency to search for their liking apps in the app stores and having your business app can be key to reach to your audience.

3. Website: This is like your website in the app store and eventually everyone would be searching their need in the mobile store.

4. Visibility & Image: Having your apps gives you an additional visibility. Your business will get up-to-date image among you target audience and builds credibility.

5. Revenue: Ultimately it helps in earning more revenue from mobile sources Barodaweb, The Leading & Fast growing Mobile Application Development Company provides solution for consumer and business apps development.

Barodaweb is always here to serve your requirements for Mobile apps development including iPhone/iPad/Android Applications & Games. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or require additional information.

What will you have in your Mobile Application ?

  • All your product details with search features
  • After sales support system
  • News and Events announcements
  • Daily report submission
  • Games
  • Content management system etc..
  • Quick contact link to reach you for product queries
  • Order placement
  • Calendar, Appointments
  • Order tracking system
  • Task reminder system