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As the leader among Internet Service Providers in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Barodaweb is working for recognition as "The Brand You can Trust". We provide a wide array of high-quality services to meet our customers' needs regarding Internet presence and applications.
With the objective of building the Internet community in Vadodara, Gujarat, India, Barodaweb will continue to provide its customers with a variety of facilities and innovative Internet, Intraner and extranet solutions. Through its one-stop Internet service, Barodaweb will become a service provider that sets the top priority to building strong relationship with the communities-both the customers and the general public-with the goal of forging harmonious relationships and fostering a strong sense of belonging toward Barodaweb.
Barodaweb's corporate culture is reflected in the composition of the staff, which is dominated by relatively young people with very high level of dedication and professionalism. The flat organization structure allows every competent employee to move up in his or her career and then reach top positions without being held back by bureaucratic obstacles. The amiable working environment, characterized by close relationships between colleagues as well as between managers and their staff, contributes tremendously to the creation of highly conducive conditions that stimulate result-oriented productivity. Meanwhile, the corporate culture is also depicted in artefact terms by the company logo, which symbolizes dynamics and enlightenment. In addition, the friendliness and helpfulness of Barodaweb's staff will immediately be perceivable the moment they meet their customers. Representative of Barodaweb, all of these insignias have been specially chosen to support a positive image of Barodaweb in the eyes of both internal and external publics.
It is our belief that the customers' confidence will open the door to more opportunity in contributing to the IT service industry, particularly in the Internet area. Therefore, Barodaweb is always committed to maintaining its customers' satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is, and will always remain, our main benchmark for measuring our success.